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Top Nigerian Celebrities & the Houses They Live In – See How Big They Are (With Pictures)

Nigerian Celebrities and the houses they live in: Celebrities will never carry last. From living in expensive apartments, to owning them, to having flashy fleets of cars down to their jewelries and all, Nigerian celebrities will never be last on the List of “Luxury Living” if continue reading

President Donald Trump Kicks Against Gay Rights – Gay Rights Page Deleted From The Official White House Website

Shortly after Donald Trump assumed office, everything on the White house’ official website was moved and archived on a new Obama website and was replaced with a Trump site. The updated website neglected to include certain social issues that seem to matter to continue reading

10 Things Virgins Discover On Their Wedding Night – Must See For All Ladies

Things virgins discover : The wedding night for a virgin can cause anxiety that will make you sweat your expensive make up job right off. Sex is a big topic whether you are a virgin or not, and the wedding night builds up so much anticipation that you want to just crawl into a hole continue reading