EXPOSED! 5 Major Reasons Why Ugandan Ladies Do Not Wear Panties – You Need To See This!

Even after passing the Anti-ponography law in Uganda, you still see Ugandan girls dressing skimpily. As I always say, Ugandan girls are ratchet by nature. If you’re into clubs, you have probably seen how majority of girls dress.

They leave very little for imagination and in most cases they are not wearing any panties.

Which begs the question, why don’t Ugandan girls wear panties?

1. Fresh air

It sounds like a an absurd reason but Ugandan girls don’t wear any panties so that fresh can circulate in the groin region.

With panties, there is a lot of sweating especially with the impossible Kampala weather. Girls who wear dresses are ones who give out this reason and it is not easy to see why.

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